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I realise I’ve been absent from blogging for some time and I just wanted to let anyone that reads my blog posts that I’m here, I’m alive. My blog is dead whether I post anyway, to be honest. And I’m not just being pessimistic. I read the stats. 
Anyway, I’ve yet to finish a book. I’ve reread, like one of my last posts explained, but a new book? haha. No. I’ve started many, though. 
November was jam packed with words, mainly words I was writing. I stopped vlogging after a week (lame!) and by mid month I was 20k behind on word count. But. I caught up and I ended up WINNING! I was, am, so proud of myself, but while I may have reached 50k, I have a long way before the story is finished, and I don’t mean edits. I mean there’s a huge ass chunk of plot (mostly character development) that is missing. Like, my MC goes from not knowing what her powers really are to using them willy nilly to kill people…without any real DEVELOPMENT! It’s almost laughable if it weren’t so tragic. Any who, I’m still loving the story and the characters.
Youtube has also taken a back seat lately, as well as blogging, because the past few weeks I’ve not been feeling that great. My body is all up the spout in what it’s doing (girl problems, and other things, ya know), not to mention I was just recently prescribed antidepressants for my anxiety so I’m hoping eventually (once the side effects wear off) I’ll feel better? It’s the lowest dosage because while, yes, I have anxiety and the odd panic attack when in extreme situations, It’s not so bad that it controls me. Yet. So the doctor wanted to see how I get on with these first and if the issue gets worse or improves, we’ll decide what to do from there. I’ve also been recommended to see a therapist, which…duh, I have done before, but those were expensive and I is pooooor AF. So I’m hoping through the NHS might be more successful…
Besides that, I’m taking part in HarryXmasToYou this month which is a readalong/watchalong of the Harry Potter books and movies, as well as trivia and general  fun on youtube and twitter. I’m mostly trying to reread the books because last year I only made it about 2, maybe 3 books in? I can’t remember. I’m now on Goblet of Fire.
I had been in the throes of reading Outlander but that’s heavy and while I enjoy it, it’s HEAVY. So that will be going slow. 
Anything else you may or may not be interested in? Oh, it’s Christmas soon! Wow, when did that happen? There’s been a change in plans, this year I’m not going to my usual place for Xmas dinner, I’m going to the OTHER brother’s house. He’s…not so thrilled. Mum and I have been passed along like unwanted cattle, but it’s that or we spend it alone, just the two of us, in a house that makes me a little claustrophobic at times (well, it does in the living room) and it would seem like any other day. And for someone who likes tradition and doesn’t like change, that’s a big no-no. However, this brother has his own family (kids and all) and the GF’s parents are visiting, and this lot…I don’t really get on with so much. Maybe that’s a strong term. Mostly we’ve only met them maybe 3 times before and they’re a little odd. Then again, they probably think that of me and mum. They lack in sense of humour, along with the rest of them, and mum and I, I can guarantee, will spend every moment wishing we could be anywhere else. Awkward will need to come up with a new word for what we’ll be feeling.
So yeah. Fun times ahead.
What plans have you made for Christmas? I hope they’re a lot more stable than mine. Sigh.
Speak soon.
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