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Posted 13 October, 2017 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Kat's Writing, Updates / 0 Comments

Miss me?
Anyway, I thought I’d check in and update you on my doings and undoings and at this point in time I’m trying to write this rewrite.
I’ve been doing fairly well, though slowly. 
I’ve got about 12k written, and would have more except I’ve been undecided about some scenes whether to include them so I wrote them then put them in a separate section, so they don’t count to word count but they’re still…there.
A problem I’ve encountered lately is when is it too soon to introduce certain elements of a story? Or put in a particular scene? I thought I knew, but every time I write a new scene or chapter, I question myself. Things pop up and surprise me and then I think “wait…maybe this is too soon?” and then I rearrange the chapters and ugh, it’s stressful.
I know what you’re all gonna say “Don’t worry about that yet, just write.” and that’s ALL WELL AND GOOD but I still need to know what happens when.
And that’s why I wish I’d outlined. At least a little bit. Guidelines, even.

Some times I like a dragged out plot, other times it’s cool to have it thrown in your face almost immediately because it’s like jumping into deep waters. (I can’t swim, but that’s another matter entirely.)

Maybe writing scenes out of order at first is okay for some, but because I upload chapters to Wattpad, it’s not ideal. Then again, I’m thinking I might try it out for a bit. 
Anywho, that’s all I have to say for now. I guess I should go back to writing. Haha. See you soon. xx

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