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You might have heard a little thing called Camp Nanowrimo and that I was taking part this past month and in April. 
Well, today is the 31st July and I kinda…did it. Technically I continued a story I’d started in April, and I struggled. Man, did I struggle. 
In any case, I’ve called it the end. At just over 53k.
I have plot holes the size of the TARDIS and I have gaps that I need to connect, but yeah. Not to mention the ending is a big ole case of ‘WHAT THE HELL?” that I’ll either hate or love when I read through. 
Also…read through? Is that a thing I have to do? What? WHY? I know it sounds weird but while I like my stories, I don’t actually like reading them through. For no other reason than because I can’t read properly off a screen. Like I barely read back my own posts on here. Nothing sinks in. My eyes glaze over and I just get a headache. I know, it’s weird. But I don’t want to print out the first draft: a) waste of paper and b) there is a lot of gaps to fill first.
So how do I get around this? *shrugs*
I need to distance myself from it for a bit, but I also don’t want to. I feel more eager to write NOW than before, but I also don’t know WHERE TO START! lol It’s like a massive landscape with craters scattered here and there and no amount of tape will cover it. Sigh. 
Anyway, I thought I’d just update about that. Update on my time at YALC will be in video form (I hope) some time this week. 🙂
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