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Hi everyone. 
So this week I’ve been doing the #rereadathon organised by @bexthebookninja on twitter. It finishes next Sunday but I thought I’d do a quick update and tell you how it’s going so far, considering I’m smack in the middle of Camp Nanowrimo. Sigh.
Luckily I was already in the process of rereading books when this readathon started (I had kinda forgotten the start date anyway) and so I’m counting the one I read a few days before hand as well. They’re all contemporaries, too. So fun times ahead.
So first up I reread Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. For the fourth time now I’ve read this, and I LOVE it. Obviously. 
Then I reread (there’s a theme here. lol) Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. Funny, because I hadn’t intended on having a travel theme in all these books, but apparently my subconscious is hating how I’m unable to go to SDCC this year and is taking it out on my book choices. 😛 I don’t mind, really. These are all fantastic books. This would be the second time I’d read this and honestly, I think I enjoyed it about as much, though because it had been a good few years since, I guess I’ve grown a bit (sigh) and so some bits annoyed me that I didn’t think about previously. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?
I’m currently reading (get ready for this tongue twister!) The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. Oh god, it’s been almost 5 years since I first read this. Can you believe that? I mean, I remember it SO clearly. 
And kind of like with the previous book, some bits are turning out to…I dunno. Not be the same. First of all I forgot that it’s third person, present tense. And since I rarely read those kind of books (there’s a reason) it was a little jarring at first. Still, I remember how cute this book is so I’m sticking with it. Also it’s mostly set in London. xD I’m about 67 pages in. It’s a short book, too (235 pages) so it shouldn’t take me too long. I remember when I first read it thinking it was too short and also I read it in one sitting. WHAT. 
So that’s where I’m at so far. I hope to get to one other before the week is up, but as I’ve been out a bit this week, I’ve  not gotten as much done as I’d like. Anyway, are you taking part in this rereadathon? Let me know in the comments. 
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