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Posted 11 May, 2017 by katheryn13 in Updates / 0 Comments


I have four minutes before I’m to start my nightly word count thingy and so far it’s my third night and I’ve done pretty well. I try to aim for 1k at 7.30pm each day. I missed yesterday because I was out.
Which you probably know, but I’ll tell you anyway: I started getting therapy.
Wahay go me!
I’ve only had 2 sessions so far but it’s going okay, and she’s really easy to talk to. I’ll be honest, I was worried I wouldn’t like it, that I’d sit there uncomfortable and not say a word. But actually, I’ve ended up saying too much, I think.
It’s amazing what comes out of my mouth when I let it. Haha. 
Besides that little update, I’ve also been rereading all the Shadowhunter books so that’s why I’ve not finished anything new lately. I’m frantically trying to get them finished for Lord of Shadows release.
Okay 1 minute left, I better go write. See ya later. 
-Kat xx
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