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Hi again! Remember me?
Yeah you do, you little monkeys! 
Guess what? 
Guessed yet? 
I finished my first draft of my ‘peach street’ magic story. Yeah okay don’t get too excited. I might have gotten to the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s finished. Obviously. I wrote ‘the end’ but it didn’t really feel like the right ending. I won’t know what my true ending will be until I’ve edited because, 
a) I need to change the POV to first person
b) I have A LOT of holes to fill
c) I gotta extend a lot of chapters because the pacing is ridonkulous!
Last week I told you I got to 40k, well about 3k after that I decided to just wrap it up. I’m NOW, thanks to a lot of padding out chapters 1 & 2, at just over 46k and I’m hoping to get to 50k somewhere in the middle. It’s one of those stories where I am seriously gonna get shit for lack of world building, but to me this is less ‘fantasy’ and maybe more magic realism? I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but my world isn’t exactly fake. It’s based on real places in the UK BUT kind of…I dunno…made up? I dunno. The street ‘peach street’ is, as a lot of my stories are, based on the street my nan’s house was (it’s sold now so I feel weird). But yeah. 
I’m now editing chapter 3, and I’ve realised a problem. Because I extended chapter 2, you know, a lot – It’s basically a new chapter on its own. – I now have chapter 3…and it makes no sense time-line wise and so I now either have to change ALL OF IT  or add a new chapter to go between. Which seems more likely. Though what happens in chapter 3 I still want to happen, I kinda thought it’d be cooler to have it happen somewhere else? Like the school, rather than Dominic (the male guy that I love so much) house. Because who doesn’t love a good ole showdown in public where regular folks might come across it? Yeah. HAHA
In any case, I’ve gotta sort something out soon. I know I said I was going to do Camp Nano, and I am, but I think instead of 20k as my goal, I’m gonna just put 10k because it’s literally just me editing and trying to get my word goal up to at least 60k. I think. Basically whatever I get to when I get to the last chapter. Jeez. How can people say ‘editing is the best part’? It’s so not. For me, at least. It’s tedious. I think it doesn’t help that I’ve not done it exactly…logically. I don’t over write (I wish I could) and the pacing was so fast, everything happened like one after the other with no…y’know…getting to know the characters (and I still don’t know how to do that. I just don’t understand how to do that sort of thing. I need help) that I had so many plot holes and whatnot. I feel like I’ve done it all backwards. Sigh.
Maybe once I figure out what my story IS, overall, I’ll feel better? I sure hope so. I mean, in my head I know roughly what happens, but like with most things, I can never find the right words. 
God. Writing a book is HARD!
Until next time, folks. 
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3 Responses to “Did I do it? | My Writing Journey”

  1. Definitely agree with your last comment!
    I feel the same way about my first draft, it’s not complete yet but I’m almost there and I can already see how much amount of massive editing it needs. All the best with yours!

  2. I can imagine that editing would be my least favourite part, making up the plot and characters would be much more fun. Nice to know Peach Street is based on your Nan’s street. Best of luck with the rest of the editing.

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