what’s going on?

Posted 28 February, 2017 by katheryn13 in Updates / 4 Comments

I know I’ve been lax in blogging lately, and I put out an apology last week or whenever it was, but sadly things aren’t moving any faster than they were. 
I haven’t finished a book yet so I can’t do a review. I haven’t written much more of my WIP (well, I wrote 1k but that’s not enough to write a post on) and I haven’t really done much to warrant any news. 
Though next Saturday I am going to a VIP Geek Girl party thing for the new Geek Girl book being released, and the author Holly Smale will be there! I’m part excited, part terrified that there’ll be just a load of children. Sigh.
I’ve been having some pretty low moments lately, and it’s making me less enthused to write, to blog, to do anything lately. I’d talk about it on here, but in the past it’s about as bad as talking to my bath, so it’s just easier to not. Problems + paranoia + no self esteem = not exactly the best combination. 
So yeah, I really hope to have more things to blog about, but until then, please don’t forget about me, and share any posts you like, because you know I like that. I’ll keep you updated if anything changes. xx Kat xx
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4 Responses to “what’s going on?”

  1. Jen!

    Take your time, Kat! This is your blog so you don’t owe apologies. You’ll get back to it when you’re ready.

    Have you tried writing a list with goals/steps? I’ve found this helps me at least get back on track and sort out in my head what I want to achieve.

  2. Sometimes, we just need a break from blogging until we feel inspired again. The Geek Girl thing sounds great, I remember you saw Holly before didn’t you. I hope you enjoy.
    Hope you feel better soon,
    Love Amanda. xx

    • katheryn13

      Yeah I met her last April I think it was. Thing is, I want to blog, I just don’t have anything to blog about! Sigh.

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