#RYBSAT and A Winter’s Respite | Update

Posted 24 January, 2016 by katheryn13 in Fantasy, Reading Challenges, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Updates, YA / 0 Comments


It’s me.

Did you miss me?

I’ve missed a few days, I know. That wasn’t planned, I promise. But honestly? I’ve been really stuck on my reading. It’s been scattered and full of uncertainties. I started a couple but couldn’t get into them. I read a hundred pages of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson but I just…couldn’t continue.

Not that it’s bad, but it was feeling a bit…tedious. I wasn’t into it. And then I worried what else to read because I know part of the challenge of RYBSAT is you have to read along you TBR shelf and you’re not supposed to change around but then I saw the others in the row weren’t calling to me and I became…concerned.

In the end I thought screw it. There’s no point worrying over what to read. I’ll pick something else somewhere else on the shelves and now I’m reading:

The Young Elites by Marie Lu.

I’m 70 pages in and loving it.

So there you have it. It’s the last day for both of these challenges, so I can’t say I’ve succeeded hugely, but at least I’ve been reading.

That’s the whole point, right?

Well, until next time I guess.



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