Review: 4.5 stars to Eternal Dawn (Vampire Queen #3) by Rebecca Maizel

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Lenah has sacrificed everything — including the love of her soulmate Rhode — to save Rhode and the world from a vampire plague. But when the only good vampire left is murdered, she knows she must avenge his death.

The problem is that the murderer is her former boyfriend, Justin, who has not only become a vampire himself, but one of the most evil she has ever encountered. Lenah knows she will have to kill him in order to save her twenty-first-century friends, but can she do it?

The answer is clearer when she discovers that Justin’s taken her beloved Rhode hostage and is slowly turning him into a vampire too. But Rhode no longer remembers Lenah, and killing anyone is now against her nature.

Will the heartbreak of seeing Rhode corrupted lead her to take a path from which she may never be able to return?




It took me by great surprise when I heard there would be a third and final book to this amazing series. Okay, so the second book, Stolen Night, did end on a bit of a cliff hanger, so maybe I just forgot to be excited.

Wow. This is one of these stories that remain underrated. Based around love and how love can conquer all, so to speak, I was glad to have Lenah back in my life. At the end of Stolen Night she’s thrust back into her middle ages home life and plans on living a normal, human life. But out in the fields one day with her sister, she’s given a shock when Sulleen, an ancient vampire who has helped her on various areas of her vampire life, appears. And he’s dying. She’s told that she has to go back to modern day at Wickham Boarding school to find Justin, her ex, who has become a vampire. And kill him. He wants Lenah. And it’s just a matter of time before everything Lenah has ever known and loved gets destroyed.

I loved the story line for this final book. It seemed to flow so well and I found I was half way through the book before I’d realised. Although at times it did maybe drag on a little, but that was rare. I got irritated by Justin, because he was just acting like a spoiled brat who wasn’t getting what he wanted. Sigh.

Anyway, Tony is back! yay! You also have Tracy who wasn’t really Lenah’s friend back before she time travelled home. Everything has changed because supposedly everything should have reverted back to the way they were before Lenah had ever gone to Wickham in the first place. The problem is, not everything DID change back. It’s like some kind of parallel universe stuff going on and it’s fascinating how they discover it.

The action was great, and for someone like me who isn’t really an ‘action in books’ fan, I found it was easy to get into. The appearance of some new vampires that are to protect Lenah (I can’t spell the name of their group) was fun and gave another edge.

Lenah and Rhode’s relationship wasn’t smooth sailing. But I love those two so much. Rhode lost his memories, which made it more interesting to see him figure his connection to Lenah out.

Everything wrapped up neatly and in a way it was sad to have the story come to an end. Like a puzzle, all the characters went back into their rightful place. Asides from a few…but I won’t spoil. It’s a thumbs up from me. I’d have rated it 5 stars if not for the couple of bits that bugged me, but they’re not that bad so don’t worry.

I feel like I’m rambling.

If you haven’t read this yet, go get it!


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