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#ReleaseDay Blitz & Giveaway: Love & Decay Season 3 (Episode 1) by Rachel Higginson @MarkMyWordsPR

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Season Three, Episode One Blurb:

Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

It’s been six months since Reagan Willow fled the Colony and Matthias Allen’s tyrannical clutches. Six months since she broke Hendrix Parker’s heart. Six months since she watched Kane Allen sacrifice his life to save hers.
Whatever was left of her already-tattered life during the Zombie Apocalypse fell apart six months ago. Now, on the cusp of crossing the Mexican border, there is hope that she might lead her friends to a better existence.

Except Zombies are only the beginning of their problems. Reagan and her friends must battle the elements, armies of Feeders and bounty hunters desperate to drag them back to the Colony to face their greatest threat.

The Colony’s power stretches wide and far. Their only hope is to outrun Matthias and get to Mexico.

Love and Decay, Episode One is the first episode in Season Three of a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.

This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks. Approximately 20,000 words.




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Haven’t started the Love & Decay Series Yet?  Season One Episodes 1-6 is Free!

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Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

A vaccination gone oh so wrong and a huge portion of the world’s population was turned into Zombies. Reagan Willow is forced out of her home when her parents become casualties of the horrid Zombie Apocalypse. With the help of her best friend Haley, they’ve become somewhat of experts on surviving the dangers of a world thrust into chaos and decay.

Reagan and Haley are on a vague mission to find somewhere safe to live out the remainders of their terrifying life when they stumble upon the Parkers, a pack of brothers that seem to have the survival thing down in a much more efficient and successful way than Reagan could ever have imagined. They are also protecting their eight year old sister, Page, and will do anything to keep her safe.

The brothers decide that Reagan and Haley need help with being kept safe as well, and as a group they set off to find the Zombie-free utopia Reagan is dreaming of.

Zombies are a daily problem, constantly threatening the lives of their group, but they’re not the only peril on the journey ahead. Militia groups of power hungry men are also a constant concern. And settlements of paranoid, suspicious people turn out to be just as hazardous.

Danger looms over every inch of the way, but Reagan, Haley and the Parkers are determined to get to their goal and remain together. Soon the Parkers become more to Reagan than just traveling companions and more than friendship starts to develop between her and Hendrix, the second oldest brother.

But at the end of the world, nothing can be as simple as life and death. Now, Reagan is going to have to schedule falling in love between hunting and surviving. Hopefully she can last long enough to find out if true love can still exist when everything else has started to fall apart.

Love and Decay, Volume One, is a compilation of the first six episodes in a twelve episode season. It is a Dystopian Romance Novella Series about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.

This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks. Each episode is approximately 20,000 words.

About Rachel Higginson 

Website     Facebook    Twitter

Rachel Higginson is the creator of The Star-Crossed Series, Love & Decay Novella Series, The Starbright Series, The Siren Series, Bet on Us and the soon to be released, The Five Stages of Falling in Love! She is also the co-creator of the podcast “Zach & Rachel Take Over the World.”

She was born and raised in Nebraska, and spent her college years traveling the world. She fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, but came back home to marry her high school sweetheart. Now she spends her days raising four amazing kids. In the few spare moments she has to herself, she is either reading for hours on end or writing her own stories.


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#CoverReveal & Giveaway: Ever Darkening by Janeal Falor @janealfalor #YA #Promo

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Ever Darkening
by Janeal Falor 
✦  ✦  ✦
Release Date: 01/28/15
✦  ✦  ✦
Summary from Goodreads:
Perfection. Goodness. Elimination of evil. It’s what
seventeen-year-old Kaylyn has trained her entire life to achieve. But no one is
prepared for the consequences of her actually defeating all evil people on the
planet. Finally successful in her mission, Kaylyn faces an unfamiliar world,
full of good people doing good things, in which she no longer has purpose.
When the skies grow dark, and a stranger from another village pleads for her
help, her instincts roar to life. It turns out their perfect world isn’t
exactly what it seems. Kaylyn’s new quest, harder than any she’s been on
before, will rip apart her friendships, her life, and her soul more than any
evil man ever managed to.
✦  ✦  ✦
About the Author
Janeal Falor lives in Utah where she’s finally managed to live in the same house for more than five years without moving. In her spare time she reads books like they’re nuts covered in caramel and chocolate, cooks whatever strikes her fancy, and enjoys the outdoors. Her husband and three children try to keep up with her overactive imagination. Usually they settle for having dinner on the table, even if she’s still going on about the voices in her head.
Author Links:

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#ReleaseDay Blitz: Miles From Kara by Melissa West #NA #Contemporary

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Miles from Kara Release Graphic

Miles from Kara cover

The Charleston Haven Series (stand – alone)

New Adult Contemporary

Release: December 2, 2014

Published by Penguin/InterMix

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iBooks
Google Play ~ Kobo

Kara Marcus is desperate to forget the past and move on. But she can’t escape her choices—especially when she finds herself falling in love…

Since the first day she stepped into her childhood Southern Baptist church, two truths have been engrained in Kara Marcus’s head: sex before marriage is bad and murder is a sin. And that’s why Kara can never forgive herself for what she did at the age of sixteen.

Now, as second semester of freshman year comes to a close, Kara has stood by her high school boyfriend, Ethan. But as they seem to grow further and further apart every day, Kara realizes that she has feelings for someone else: Ethan’s roommate Colt.

Suddenly, Kara’s clear-cut world shifts out of focus, and she’s torn between what her head tells her is right and what her heart is desperately pushing her to do—even if it means committing another undeniable sin…

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Colt took a step in my direction. “Can I ask you a question, Kara?”

My eyes drifted up to his. He was so close now, close enough that I could smell his woodsy scent. Most guys smelled like cologne or soap, but Colt was all earthy. All male. It was too much. “Maybe,” I said, unwilling to offer more.

Why do you stay with him?”

Of all the questions I expected to hear out of his mouth, that wasn’t one of them. It was the one question I couldn’t answer, even to myself. I drew an uncomfortable breath and shook my head, my gaze finding the floor. “What do you mean?”

Another step. “You know what I mean.”

Why do you care?”

He paused, his arms still at his sides, his heart beating noticeably in his chest. “I don’t know.”

Our eyes met, and in his gaze I saw the same war that brewed in my heart. This wasn’t right, yet I couldn’t keep myself away. The moment drew on, an electric charge building all around us. Every nerve in my body ached to close the distance between us, to see if his skin felt as warm as it looked. I wanted to trace the lines of his tattoos. I wanted to hear and feel his breath on my face. I swallowed hard, my resolve to be the good girl my mom raised me to be faltering.

About the Author

Melissa West writes young adult and new adult novels for Entangled Teen and Embrace and Penguin/InterMix. She lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters and spends most of her time writing, reading, or fueling her coffee addiction.

She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and a M.S. in Graphic Communication, both from Clemson University. Yeah, her blood runs orange.

Website | Facebook | Twitter



The author is giving away (1) Copy of PIECES OF OLIVIA and (1) $10 Amazon Gift Card – International

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He took a step toward me. God, I loved

 photo AToMRPRomotionslogo_zps7a14e565.png

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#GIVEAWAY!! Win signed #MorganvilleVampires web series poster (plus other goodies) #YA #Vampires #CoolStuff

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So hands up if you’re a fan of Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series?

Now hands up more if you’re SUPER excited for the web series of these very lovely books?



Well here’s your chance!

I got to meet the cast after seeing their panel at MCM London Expo on Saturday 25th October, and they showed the first two episodes of the Morganville Vampires web series hosted by Geek and Sundry (will be officially available Monday 27th October on their YouTube channel!!!). They might only be 10 minutes long each but that’s 10 minutes of EPICNESS! (So we got double the fun!)

It’s so surreal seeing it come to life. Now the first two episodes are intense and brilliant and I’m so pleased and proud of this fandom, that we managed to help such a beauty to come alive! ALIIIIIVE!! Here are some (slightly badly taken, but taken nonetheless) pictures while I was in the signing line. 🙂

20141025_182716 20141025_182916 20141025_183107 20141025_183224 20141025_183305 20141025_182949

Now, do you wanna win…this???


(Don’t worry, there are the right amount of signatures, just one of them decided to sign in the black area. >_<)

There’ll also be a wristband and a couple of Morganville bookmarks included. 🙂

If yes, then enter below!

p.s. THIS IS INTERNATIONAL! SO ENTER AWAY….AWAAAAAAY and good luck! I will announce the winner on Monday the 3rd November 2014!

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Oh and it’s also my blogs 2 year anniversary! (well, it was on Friday!) so this is my blogiversary giveaway special. 

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#CoverReveal: Story Time #Novellas #Giveaways #YA

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StoryTime is a tri-annual event created by Glass House Press.  All proceeds from the StoryTime events will be donated to SDDAS Spirit Fund, a
nonprofit society dedicated to giving homeless animals the medical care they need. For more information, visit their website at


Today is the cover reveal of two novellas in StoryTime releasing on October 14, 2014:  Tell Me My Name by Mary Fan and Slam by Tash McAdam.

In Mary Fan’s second novella from Glass House Press, a teen girl wakes up in an icy cell, alone and frightened. She has no memory of who she is or how she came to be there.

She does know that she must get out, at all costs. And that escape must start with remembering the simple things – her own name. Her place of origin. Her possible powers.

When a group of dark magicians reveal themselves to be her captors, she finds herself in the clutches of those who will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets locked within her lost memories. With her life fading under their merciless spells, the need to escape becomes dire.

But can she get out when she doesn’t even know who she is? Can she count on one unlikely ally for help? Or is it already too late for her, a girl without a name?

Tell Me My Name introduces the main characters in Mary’s new fantasy series, Fated Stars, with the first book, Windborn, due in late 2015.

Add it to your Goodreads TBR Pile :

About Mary Fan

Mary Fan is a hopeless dreamer, whose mind insists on spinning tales of “what if.” As a music major in college, she told those stories through compositions. Now she tells them through books—a habit she began as soon as she could pick up a pencil. Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil follows a well-received debut novel, a space opera titled Artificial Absolutes (2013), and is the first in the Flynn Nightsider series. Mary would like to think that there are many other novels in her bag, and hopes to prove that to the world as well.

Mary lives in New Jersey and has a B.A. from Princeton University. When she’s not scheming to create new worlds, she enjoys kickboxing, opera singing, and blogging about everything having to do with books.

Website    Facebook    Twitter  

Telepaths, torture, mindwipes … the Institute has it all, and they use each of their brainwashed children as weapons, the way they see fit. To control society, repress its people. To make certain that they stay in power, no matter the cost. Serena’s baby brother Damon is one of those children, and these days he’s so altered that he doesn’t even recognize her.

When it comes to getting Damon away from those who kidnapped him, there’s nothing Serena won’t do. Even if she has to kill him to save him. First, though, she must prove to her father that she has what it takes to be a soldier against the insidious threat of the Institute. Her first mission has to be perfect.

But with inaccurate intelligence, unexpected storms, and Gav Belias, people’s hero of the Watch, on the prowl, will she even survive? If she doesn’t succeed, they’ll never let her go after her brother.

And that would be unthinkable, when it was her fault that he was taken in the first place.

Slam is Tash McAdam’s first work with Glass House Press, and serves as a prequel to her series The Psionics, with the first book, Maelstrom, due in 2015.

Add it to your Goodreads TBR Pile :

About Tash McAdam

Tash McAdam’s first writing experience (a collaborative effort) came at the age of eight, and included passing floppy discs back and forth with a best friend at swimming lessons. Since then, Tash has spent time falling in streams, out of trees, learning to juggle, dreaming about zombies, dancing, painting, learning Karate, becoming a punk rock pianist, and of course, writing.

Tash is a teacher in real life, but dreams of being a full-time writer, and living a life of never-ending travel. Though born in the hilly sheepland of Wales, Tash has lived in South Korea and Chile and now calls Vancouver, Canada home.

Maelstrom, the first book in The Psionics, is Tash’s first published work. Visit the website or facebook for news, gossip, and random tidbits about Tash’s adventures.

 Facebook    Twitter

Enter to win a $10 B&N Gift Card!

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#BoutofBooks11 Day 7

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Day 7 was rather a bust, but I suppose little is better than none.

So here’s my tally:

  • 73 pages read of Idols by Margaret Stohl
  • 2 pages read of The Iron Trial

I also  wrote a couple of blog posts.

I can’t believe this challenge is over, but I had fun, no matter that I only finished 1 book. 🙂 I look forward to the next Bout of Books read-a-thon. 

Until next time. 


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Giveaway Time: Score a signed copy of Eleanor & Park!!! #YA #International #Giveaway #Books

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It’s giveaway time!!

I realise since I’ve had my blog for quite some time now, that I’ve yet to actually do a giveaway. You’ve all been so nice and welcoming that you  deserve SOMETHING!

It’s only small, but here goes:

I’m giving away a signed copy of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. The giveaway lasts for a week starting today, through to next Monday 1st September.

Enter below! 

And good luck!


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Congratulations to Isabella on winning this signed copy of Eleanor and Park. 🙂

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#BoutofBooks Day 6 update

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Here’s what went on for Day 6 (Saturday 23rd August):

  • Read 12 pages of The Iron Trial
  • Read twenty pages of Idols


It was a pretty bad day for reading, to be honest. I was too nervous about seeing Doctor Who. (I won’t go into it here)

Hopefully today (Day 7) will be more productive.

See ya!


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I’ll Be Doing “Write On Review-a-thon” Will You?

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  Look at this cool thing below…

The Write On review-a-thon is a monthly event created and hosted by Brianna at The Book Vixen. It’s 2 days dedicated to getting reviews done, whether you have one review to write or 30+. This edition of the review-a-thon takes place all day Saturday, August 30th and Sunday, August 31st. Let’s get those reviews done!

Write On Review-a-thon is a great way to get you motivated when you have a whole list of reviews that just need to be done because someone’s gotta do them, right?

I’m taking part because I will by then have a few to write, including:

  • Idols review
  • The Iron Trial review
  • Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1 review (I’m going to a screening of it at the cinema as opposed to at home…) Although this might well be reviewed before the 30th since it’s showing tonight (23rd)

I’m sure I’ll have more to write up in the next week, but for now..that’s my to-do list. Once I’ve read them, that is. 



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#BoutOfBooks11 update Day 5

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Here’s my update for DAY 5!!

Friday 22nd August:

  • I managed to read about 100 pages of Idols by Margaret Stohl. I’m really enjoying it but I probably won’t get it finished until (Sunday)
  • I have also been reading an early copy of The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassie Clare from NetGalley. Only on chapter two, but really into it so far. It’s different. Plus, it’s ebook, so my brain isn’t computing. haha
  • No books finished yet.

My mantra:


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