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a few minutes to waste | update

Posted 11 May, 2017 by katheryn13 in Updates / 0 Comments


I have four minutes before I’m to start my nightly word count thingy and so far it’s my third night and I’ve done pretty well. I try to aim for 1k at 7.30pm each day. I missed yesterday because I was out.
Which you probably know, but I’ll tell you anyway: I started getting therapy.
Wahay go me!
I’ve only had 2 sessions so far but it’s going okay, and she’s really easy to talk to. I’ll be honest, I was worried I wouldn’t like it, that I’d sit there uncomfortable and not say a word. But actually, I’ve ended up saying too much, I think.
It’s amazing what comes out of my mouth when I let it. Haha. 
Besides that little update, I’ve also been rereading all the Shadowhunter books so that’s why I’ve not finished anything new lately. I’m frantically trying to get them finished for Lord of Shadows release.
Okay 1 minute left, I better go write. See ya later. 
-Kat xx
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Whoops | #CampNanowrimo ’17

Posted 19 April, 2017 by katheryn13 in Fantasy, Kat's Writing, Supernatural, Updates, YA / 0 Comments




Oh crap. It’s been a lot longer than a week since my last update, hasn’t it? *shakes head* Sorry.
Anyway, how’s Camp Nanowrimo 17 going? Well….um…..
I started a new idea. *cringes* Don’t hate me. I can’t help myself! It’s a problem. But in any case, I actually somewhat outlined this new idea so I have Act 1 and Act 2 all laid out ready to write up – I’ve written chapter 1 already and it’s going good. I have…hmmm….2000 words? Yeah. About that.
I want to talk about the story but I also don’t want to spoil OR jinx it. Haha. 
Just know that I kind of describe it as Supernatural meets Buffy. LOL okay. 
Until next time –

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Name Game | Writing Fantasy + GIFS

Posted 24 March, 2017 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Fantasy, Kat's Writing, Updates / 1 Comment

Yeah, so my last post was a  little…intense. I know. I’m sorry.
So I want to write fantasy. HOW? How does one even DO that? I mean, so many writer’s manage it, but how do I? That is what I’m asking!

I have an idea, a slight one, and not at all fully formed, but it’s there, poking its head around the corner like an over-excited child at Christmas. I’ve even drawn a somewhat ugly looking map…only because I kind of had to. And let me tell you…one of the islands looks SO wrong. *giggles*
Yesterday I struggled to think up a new idea that didn’t sound like parodies of other books I’ve read, but suddenly in the middle of the night, something sprang to life, the first lines appeared in my head. I refused to get up and write them down ,so alas I forgot them, BUT the kind of…feel? of the story didn’t leave me. So here I am, telling you about what I’m thinking of doing. I’m obviously not going to tell you the PLOT or whatever, because well…I haven’t got one. YET. I like that word, you know. ‘Yet’ is such hopeful sound.

Ironically that’s what I’ve called one of the islands. ‘Hope’. LOL (imagine calling an island LOL though…wouldn’t that be LAUGH OUT LOUD worthy?) Anyway. So far I have a main character – Marissa Emblem. She’s 17 and she’s feisty. But disorientated because she’s found herself on the deck of a ship with a crowd of men around her, all waiting to see what’ll happen next. I’m interested to see how she got there. I mean, seriously…my brain is like “HOW???” 
Then we have a friend – and he’s not really a love interest (yet?) because in my mind he’s a few years younger, though very very polite, and helpful, but not at all her type. Haha. 
I was originally going to have it in real places, like Scotland or something, but then I realised I can’t be bothered to stare at google maps until my eyes bleed, so I figured why not make up a world? Or something close to? How hard can it be?

Says she. 
Coming up with names for places is like…well difficult. Even with place names generator websites, which by the way come up with names ALREADY EXISTING! I just think “what sounds weird?” 

Anyway, I feel like this could be the start of a brand new series of blog posts. No, not really. I’m getting ahead of myself as usual. I just wanted to update you all. I mean, this shit takes TIME, ya know? I might be over it in a week, or I might be 10k in and loving it. Time will tell. I only have 3 pages so far.
Sigh. Hope you’re all well. I’m feeling grand. Sort of. Hehe.
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Chill Out | personal

Posted 23 March, 2017 by katheryn13 in Updates / 0 Comments

There are things that have been taking WAY too much space in my head. Worries, just…frustrating things. 
I swear as I’ve gotten older, especially with social networking, I’ve become needier? Desperate almost. I hate it. I hate how social media has changed me. I mean, you’d think by now I’d be used to being lonely, to not having the life I want? But I’m not. 
So you know what? I need to put back up those walls. Try and distance myself from social media for a bit. Concentrate on my blog, my videos, my writing, my reading. Just…do the things I enjoy.
Stop worrying, stop being so pathetic, stop sounding so needy about subscribers. It’s pissing me off about as much as, i’m sure, it’s annoying you guys. 
I sound like a whiny child. I need to take a deep breath, close my eyes, calm down, and say to myself:
Don’t worry about who is or isn’t subscribed to you. If people don’t want to talk to you, that’s their loss. The more I think about how alone I am inside and outside, the more it messes with my mind. It makes me paranoid, it makes me even more self-conscious, competitive, and ultimately makes me SO FUCKING UNHAPPY!
But you know what I’ve really come to acknowledge?
Friendship shouldn’t be this hard!
There are people I thought I was their friend, but god forbid I get a decent response out of them when I make contact.
Anyway, from now on I’m going to TRY and chill OUT. 
 I’m 30 now, and I’m done. I’m so fucking done. I’m always going to care more about people than they do me, and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve tried. If people can’t appreciate me, appreciate my loyalty, my kindness (well, unless you piss me off) then good riddance!
Ugh. I’m taking a break from twitter (as best as I can). 
It’s not good for my mental health, and I realise that sounds cliche, but it’s true. Before social media, I dealt. I just dealt. But now I see how many followers I have and why? I see how little subs I have on youtube and how much work I do, or don’t do, and it MESSES WITH MY MIND. 
My blog is basically the one place I can be honest. I don’t even talk to people about this stuff because it sounds so whiny. 
So here’s to a new me.
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