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#NaNoWriMo update: 10k!!!

Posted 10 November, 2015 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Updates / 0 Comments

So yes, as the title suggests, I have just reached 10k! I am so pleased. Small goals aside, I didn’t think I’d get this far.

UntitledWhen I was at 6k, I got stuck with ‘this plot is going nowhere. wait, what, I actually HAVE no plot!’ and so I didn’t think I’d work through it. But with the help of some friends on twitter and numerous word sprints, I got there and now I’m still without much of a plot, but at least I’ve written stuff!

Even if most of it is just dialogue.

And I’m still behind but meh. It’s okay. I’ll manage to catch up…just as soon as I figure out where this story is going. haha.

Thanks for everyone’s support and comments. I really appreciate it. 🙂



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#NaNoWriMo progress: YAASSSSSS!

Posted 7 November, 2015 by katheryn13 in Updates / 1 Comment

Excuse the excited title.

I just watched Doctor Who, which KILLED IT! For once, in this series (besides the first two) I actually wasn’t bored!

On top of that, I’m now watching Pitch Black which I haven’t seen in DECADES!

And BEFORE all that…I reached my 6k goal for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I’m slow as fuck, but yknow what? I don’t care. (Okay, I care a bit. This shit is hard work, people!)

I started today at just under 3k and now I’m at 6042. I am SO PLEASED! I gave myself tomorrow to get to 6k and damn, I was on a roll. I got there in one day. I’m so pleased. CAN YOU TELL?

While every one else is off getting tens of thousands of words done in a day, I set TINY GOALS. And when I pass them, I get EXTREMELY EXCITED. Like, I WANT CAKE excited. Before today, I’d either written nothing at all, or like…700 words. Which really, isn’t a lot. Not when I’m on day 7 already.

I was going to do a video update, but every time I’ve recorded an update to edit, I’ve then either not been bothered to upload, or I’ve had to go out and put it off until the next day in which time I’ve then written more. So I’ve had to record another video update instead. So this time I just thought ‘fuck it, I’ll write one’ because yknow what, I ain’t got time for looking good for da camera!

Oh, hear that? The fireworks outside are a celebration on my behalf. Oh thank you, my darling subjects! (joke, joke. They’re noisy as fuck. Any annoying.)

Sorry for all the swearing, but I’m in one of those moods. On the subject of video uploads, I was going to upload clips of what I took at the Mockingjay part 2 premiere, but given that all I bloody well saw were the screens, and that anyone who likes the series would have seen what I saw anyway, I’m beginning to wonder wtf the point is? The sound quality is awful anyway because some obnoxious bitch behind me decided to talk at full volume about shit I did not care for. And no matter how many obvious glares I shot her to SHUT THE FUCK UP, she didn’t take the hint. Even when she said to her friends (after I glared at her somemore) ‘yeah I’m going to go..” she still didn’t leave. Ugh!

So okay, rant over. I just wanted to share my joy and happiness that for once I achieved something I’m proud of, no matter how tiny.


Bring on 10k! (which will probably take another week if the time frame is anything to go by).



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New Post: NaNo NaNo – we have lift off!

Posted 30 October, 2015 by katheryn13 in Updates / 4 Comments

Every time I say ‘NaNo’ I can’t help but think I’m talking about nano particles or something spacey wacey. hehe.

This year (if you exclude last year) will be my 5th time participating in NaNoWriMo. It is, for lack of a better word, a burden. I will forever take part (except for last year…why DIDN’T I do last year? *shrugs*) and I am destined to fail.

But not this time! No sirree!

I am a ‘pantser’ though, so excuse my vagueness. Here is my idea so far:

Name of story: A Town Called Heaven (title pending because ya know…pantser)

Plot: Sort of creepy-factor-esque alien takeover with zombified humans brain washed by some unseen force. (told ya it was vague!)

Word goal: 50,000. (waaay too many zero’s imo)

Start date: November 1st. 

You can follow my progress via this linkage here >>> Clickety click!

I’ll try and do a short update once a week, but mostly I think it’ll be video updates because. I don’t know why. Just roll with it, okay?

If you’re also taking part, I’d love to keep track so link me to your NaNo profile if you like!



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#Review | Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Posted 19 October, 2015 by katheryn13 in Reviews, Supernatural, Updates, YA / 0 Comments

A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of curious photographs.

A horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.

A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography,Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows.


I haven’t put the rating in the title because it’s a bit of a toss up between 3.5 and 4 stars…

I had been meaning to read this a couple years ago, but just…never got around to it. Until I decided, right. Enough was enough. I was buying this book and I would read it. And I did and let’s just say, I wasn’t disappointed.

But you’ll find out why I rated it the way I did.

Such a unique way of writing with pictures. I hadn’t expected it to work out as well the way it did, and made it that much more creepier.

Jacob is a fantastic character, and despite me not being a huuuge fan of male pov’s, I found him easy to dig into and the pages just kept on turning. The other characters were just as good. Jacob’s dad was…wow. I felt a connection to him like I’ve never had. Yeah, I know. You’re like “WHAT?! *grossed out face*”

He writes, he has lots of half written manuscripts and he gets discouraged easily. SO DO I! Hence why I felt like we were soul mates.

Out of all the children at the home, Emma was my favourite. She was cool, fiesty, stubborn. I liked her fire power. Literally. Mwahahha! There’s a funny line that Jacob says in the narrative about how young they all seemed. And I guess that’s one reason why I enjoyed this pretty well because I, myself, can relate. I look like a teenager but I’m nearly 30. So I could understand why these children, though in their 80’s+, still felt and acted like kids because in some aspect they WERE kids. They hadn’t known anything else, and they had been stuck in their own world of childhood forever.

So why did I rate it so low? Well, mostly because the story didn’t really get going until at least 100 pages or so into it. This kind of…I guess…bored me a bit? There was far too much description for my liking and at times it pulled me away from the story. But I stuck through it and I came out the other side happier and excited for what was to come next. I’d have rated it 4 stars if the plot had started getting interesting earlier on, to be honest. I realise we were having the story set up and how things came to be, but at times it was just…I wanted to wind it up to make it go faster.

I really liked the supernatural aspect, however, so this was fun.

I look forward to reading Hollow City. Hopefully that will explain more and I’ll get a better handle on things. 🙂


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#Review & #Giveaway: It’s a Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt #ARC @yaboundtourspr @sjSchmitt

Posted 9 October, 2015 by katheryn13 in Blog Tours, Book Promo, Funny, Giveaways, Paranormal, Release Day Blitz, Reviews, Updates, YA / 0 Comments

its a wonderful death tour banner final

its a wonderful death bigIt’s a Wonderful Death

by Sarah J. Schmitt 

Release Date: 10/2015

Sky Pony Press

320 pages

Seventeen-year-old RJ always gets what she wants. So when her soul is accidentally collected by a distracted Grim Reaper, somebody in the afterlife better figure out a way to send her back from the dead or heads will roll. But in her quest for mortality, she becomes a pawn in a power struggle between an overzealous archangel and Death Himself. The tribunal presents her with two options: she can remain in the lobby, where souls wait to be processed, until her original lifeline expires, or she can replay three moments in her life in an effort to make choices that will result in a future deemed worthy of being saved. It sounds like a no-brainer. She’ll take a walk down memory lane. How hard can changing her future be?

But with each changing moment, RJ’s life begins to unravel, until this self-proclaimed queen bee is a social pariah. She begins to wonder if walking among the living is worth it if she has to spend the next sixty years as an outcast. Too quickly, RJ finds herself back in limbo, her time on Earth once again up for debate.

RJ is a snarky, unapologetic, almost unredeemable, very real girl. Her story is funny and moving, and teens will easily connect with her plight. Prepare to meet the Grim Reaper, who’s cuter than you’d expect; Hawaiian shirt–wearing Death Himself; Saint Peter (who likes to play Cornhole); and Al, the handler for the three-headed hound that guards the gates of Hell. This cast of characters accompanies RJ through her time in the afterlife and will do their best to gently shove her in the right direction.

Add to Goodreads

I received this book for free from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This doesn’t sway my opinion of the book.

I am averse to death. Anything related to dying, not being alive, anything…I tend to try and avoid it. If people die, I go to that place called De Nile. No, really. I do. But what attracted me to It’s A Wonderful Death? If I’m honest, the cover. I started with the cover, and then I read the synopsis. I thought it was going to be funny, and in some aspects it was. Okay, I’ll break it down for you.

What I liked:

I thought RJ was a tough character and she knew what she wanted. Stubbornness was her strength but also her wit was never-ending. She refused to let someone take what was rightfully hers away without a fight, and I admired that. She didn’t take things too seriously and that made the story read that much easier. I liked her voice and I could get into the story. The reapers, the Angels, the people in charge of helping RJ on her first visit to ‘Limbo’, were all interesting and I found I could have read about them for far longer than I did. I particularly liked ‘Death Himself’ and imagining him wearing Bermuda shorts…lol. He was completely at odds to what I’m used to seeing/reading in other stories.

The pacing was well, and writing style made it flow and considering I’m not a big ebook reader, I felt relaxed. There was a lot of philosophical jargon within this and I did find myself rolling my eyes a lot, but that just added to the non seriousness of it.

Okay, Now onto what I didn’t like.

Well, not so much didn’t like, but what kind took me out of the story and had me rating this 3 and a half stars overall.

Number one, though I liked RJ, I also found her, at times, highly annoying and dare I say it? Two dimensional. (Whatever that means.) There wasn’t much to her, besides snark and the points I made above..

There were a few points where consistency ran a little thin, and I found myself muttering things like “wait, what? *scrolls back pages* That didn’t happen…” or “That makes no sense.” and mistakes like mentioning ‘he said this’ when I would look back and it would be a she. I know, silly things, but there were enough that it bugged me. The biggest disappointment to me was the ending, however, and I had really hoped everything would work out in my favour. But it didn’t, and more than anything, it was annoying. I felt for sure that pretty much half the story was working towards something far better than what we got. That’s not to say it didn’t end on a somewhat happy note, because it did, and I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit when familiar characters reappeared.

There was a point when it got a little too…religious? I guess, for me. I’m not, at all, and I went into this thinking it was going to be lighthearted, full of humour and just…fun. And mostly it was, but there was one scene where it got…I don’t wanna say it…overly pretentious. Maybe because I’m not like these people, that’s probably it. But I’m pretty sure others love it, and that’s great. Go you! I didn’t NOT like this book and I’d recommend it because it is in fact a fun read, but like with some books, there are things that nag you and make it not as great as you wanted, and that’s, sadly, what happened here. Still, damn, I’m impressed I got the ebook read in plenty time to write this review. Haha. That, in itself, says a lot. 🙂

Sarah J. SchmittSarah J. Schmitt is a K-8 school librarian and Youth Service Professional for Teens at a public library who, in addition to planning a variety of events, enjoys opening up the world of books to reluctant readers. She runs a teen writing program that combines Skype visits from well-known authors and screenwriters and critique group style feedback.

Prior to immersing herself in the world of the written word, Sarah earned her Masters of Science in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs from Indiana University where she worked with first year college students as they acclimated to college life. Sarah lives outside of Indianapolis with her husband, two kidlets and a cat who might actually be a secret agent. She is an active member of SCBWI, ALA and the Indiana Library Federation and is a regular participant at the Midwest Writer’s Workshop. Her debut novel, IT’S A WONDERFUL DEATH, comes out Fall 2015 from Sky Pony Press.


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#BlogTour Release Day Blitz: Pepped Up Forever by Ali Dean

Posted 1 October, 2015 by katheryn13 in Book Promo, Release Day Blitz, Updates / 0 Comments



This is the fifth and final book in the Pepper Jones series, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.
Pepper Jones is ready to start breaking some records. She’ll be a junior in college, and if she wants to run professionally when she graduates, it’s time to step things up a notch. This time around, she knows it won’t be accomplished by ramping up her training. While Pepper’s hoping for a race day breakthrough, she wonders if there’s a mental barrier holding her back, and if so, how is she supposed to confront it?
Meanwhile, Jace Wilder wants Pepper back any way he can have her, but he’s reluctant to bulldoze his way into her life having already crushed her once (okay, probably a few more times than that) before. More scenes from Jace’s point of view
in the book shed a new perspective into the character Pepper fans love to hate, and hate to love, delving into those layers he’s only given glimpses of in the past.

The Brockton crew is growing up. Zoe and Wes. Jenny and Rollie. Lexi and Brax. Bunny and Wallace. Pepper and ??? It’s time to find out what Pepper’s happily ever after will be.

Buy now from Amazon

About the Author

Ali Dean lives in Colorado with her husband, twin toddlers, and golden retriever. In addition to reading and writing, she loves the outdoors- everything from marathon training and biking to snowboarding and skiing.

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#NewPost: Where I’ve Been #Update

Posted 18 September, 2015 by katheryn13 in Updates / 0 Comments

Sorry everyone. I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. Unfortunately I haven’t been so fast on reading, therefore not had many reviews to write, and those I DO still have to write, I don’t have the enthusiasm to do so. It’s kind of a … conundrum. I’ve been doing the odd video for youtube, but I have decided I’m not that good at reviews, so until I get better, I’ll stick with written ones, okay?
I hope to have something up soon.
Miss you all.
Kat xx

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#Random: What’s up with Bloglovin?

Posted 7 September, 2015 by katheryn13 in Updates / 0 Comments

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I’m trying to get my RSS feed to work with bloglovin and for the life of me it won’t work.

This is so frustrating.


So ignore this post if you like. I’m testing something.


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#BlogTalk: Reading Slumps

Posted 7 September, 2015 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Updates / 2 Comments

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Yay or nay?

Personally, I think they suck. I’ve been in one for, ooh, a few days now. I’ve started about five (more like 15) books. I just can’t get into anything. So I decided to reread one of my favourite series: The Mara Dyer trilogy. I can’t say it’s been that long since I reread them, but I find sometimes that reading what I already know, and love, helps me. 

What do you guys think?

Does it help you to reread or when you’re in a slump, not able to concentrate on anything, do you just go off and do something else? 

I also think I’ve just gotten over the book themes that I have left to read. Not that I won’t ever read them, but I go through phases. You know? Sometimes I’ll want to read contemporary all the time,and if I run out of them to read, and all I have is fantasy or dystopian, then ya know…I’m screwed. 

In this case, I’ve started several different books, all different genres – well, sort of – and nothing is sticking. It’s like when I read the words, they float off somewhere. My brain refuses to comprehend. It’s so weird. Don’t get me wrong, I want to read them. I have no reason to DNF them, but I guess it’s just not their time yet. 

Anyway, I needed somewhere to come and vent. Sigh. Though I am loving my reread. Mara Dyer series is like 

So there you have it.

Until next time folks…


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The Bedtime Book Tag xD

Posted 4 September, 2015 by katheryn13 in Fun, Updates / 0 Comments


Many others have done this, but none such as I! Okay, that’s a lie. I’m getting ahead of myself. So let’s begin, shall we?


I can’t really remember any book that has kept me up all night. I like my sleep. But I do remember one of the last Harry Potter books keeping me up until 3am or later. It was a long time ago…my memory hates me. 



I don’t read many horror books, so I just had to pick one at random. Finding one that stopped me from sleeping was hard, but finding one that creeped me out…well, not so hard. 


I wouldn’t say this sent me to sleep…but it did bore me! Oh my god, so many people loved this book but I got half way in and was like…wtf is this shit?!

It’s hard to pick just one! There are so many books I’ve anticipated. But the Shatter Me series is definitely one of them. I was so sad when it was over. Dammit!

WILL HERONDALE! He is my babe. I love him. SO MUCH. Okay so he’s not exactly a ‘dream’ boyfriend in the correct sense, but I have so many feelings for him that he is my number one!


Shudders! I mean, this world is awful. Granted, I wouldn’t count as an under 16, so that’s okay. I’d disappear with the adults. PHEW! But the monsters…the mutants… thank you.


It’s all in the name. 😛


Not that I remember, but going by my review on goodreads, It had one hell of a cliff hanger. I hate cliffhangers. I do. I just…I get so emotionally invested and then BAM the author goes and tears my heart out into little pieces and then makes me WAIT to have it put back together….LIKE WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! 


I remember this one dream with Katniss and Peeta. I can’t remember DETAILS, but I know, as most dreams are, that it was complex and fantastically weird. haha.


Not so much UNDER my bed, but in general…I would NOT want to be around these people. *shudders* I mean, people being upgraded like robots, it kind of reminds me of the Cybermen in Doctor Who. (which apparently are ‘scary’ but not to me, just creepy) lol.


So that’s my book tag and I dare anyone that reads this to have a go….if you have a blog, that is. I dunno. Go on. It’s fun. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

xx Kat xx

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