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Losing The Plot (quite literally)

Posted 13 September, 2017 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Kat's Writing, Updates, YA / 3 Comments

It’s been a while since I did a post like this, huh? I’m sorry. I mean it. I’m more sorry for myself, to be honest, but oh well.
I just wanted to write about what I’ve been struggling with lately. And that is:
It’s one of those things where, if you’d asked me months ago whether I plotted anything, I’d have said ARE YOU MAD?
But these days I’m coming to the conclusion that I really need to do this. I need to plot out what I’m writing before I write it, and that’s where my banshee scream really wants to come free. Haha. I’ve begun to write basic outline bits to my ideas, but nothing too concrete, nothing too in-depth. But even then I get to bits that I realise I need to think through.
I think I get intimidated by other writers who dissect what they’re going to write down to a single word. I wish I was like that. I need to stop thinking about it so hard. *smacks self* 
Anyway, the last time I talked about my writing, I’d said I’d finished a first draft. *laughs* I’d said that? Well, alright then. I technically had, but also hadn’t. I’d gotten everything but the final “fight” scene written properly. Eh, oh well. I’ve given it to a writer friend who I’m waiting to hear from after she reads it. *AM SCARED*
I also started about half a dozen other stories and am consistently coming to the same problem: the premise sounds okay, but the plot is practically non-existent. I’ve been watching ‘how to’ videos from editors/writers recently, and they’ve really opened my eyes. *pries eyes open with sello-tape* Mostly about how even if the premise sounds good, if the plot isn’t working, you’ll get nowhere. Which is how I end up writing about 10-20k and then get stuck. Sigh.
I’ve been reading (hahah reading! good one) over the ideas I’ve started, thanks to google drive. I have, like, 30+ of them. God it’s cringe worthy! It’s also a sign of my lack of discipline. 
So I got a new note book, I’ve jotted down all (well, most) the ideas, and am going to see what I can do. Maybe I’ll rewrite one of them, but only AFTER I’ve plotted it out, using what I’ve already written. I’m not going to waste the work  I put into them, obviously.
Another problem I have is, even if I wanted to continue a story, I legit can’t read through them. Not because of how bad they are (because I’m sure they’re terrible) but because my eyes just can’t take it. I end up glazing over words and getting a headache. ugh. Frustrating. I can hardly print every page out, though, can I?
I have probably said all this before in other posts, I don’t know. But it’s worth repeating even if it’s just me ranting. Hahaha.
I’m trying out new ways to plot. It’s too early to say whether it’ll work, but only time will tell. 
How do you go about plotting or do you just wing it like I usually do?


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I did it…I think | Camp Nanowrimo update

Posted 31 July, 2017 by katheryn13 in Kat's Writing, Updates, YA / 0 Comments

You might have heard a little thing called Camp Nanowrimo and that I was taking part this past month and in April. 
Well, today is the 31st July and I kinda…did it. Technically I continued a story I’d started in April, and I struggled. Man, did I struggle. 
In any case, I’ve called it the end. At just over 53k.
I have plot holes the size of the TARDIS and I have gaps that I need to connect, but yeah. Not to mention the ending is a big ole case of ‘WHAT THE HELL?” that I’ll either hate or love when I read through. 
Also…read through? Is that a thing I have to do? What? WHY? I know it sounds weird but while I like my stories, I don’t actually like reading them through. For no other reason than because I can’t read properly off a screen. Like I barely read back my own posts on here. Nothing sinks in. My eyes glaze over and I just get a headache. I know, it’s weird. But I don’t want to print out the first draft: a) waste of paper and b) there is a lot of gaps to fill first.
So how do I get around this? *shrugs*
I need to distance myself from it for a bit, but I also don’t want to. I feel more eager to write NOW than before, but I also don’t know WHERE TO START! lol It’s like a massive landscape with craters scattered here and there and no amount of tape will cover it. Sigh. 
Anyway, I thought I’d just update about that. Update on my time at YALC will be in video form (I hope) some time this week. 🙂
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Whoops | #CampNanowrimo ’17

Posted 19 April, 2017 by katheryn13 in Fantasy, Kat's Writing, Supernatural, Updates, YA / 0 Comments




Oh crap. It’s been a lot longer than a week since my last update, hasn’t it? *shakes head* Sorry.
Anyway, how’s Camp Nanowrimo 17 going? Well….um…..
I started a new idea. *cringes* Don’t hate me. I can’t help myself! It’s a problem. But in any case, I actually somewhat outlined this new idea so I have Act 1 and Act 2 all laid out ready to write up – I’ve written chapter 1 already and it’s going good. I have…hmmm….2000 words? Yeah. About that.
I want to talk about the story but I also don’t want to spoil OR jinx it. Haha. 
Just know that I kind of describe it as Supernatural meets Buffy. LOL okay. 
Until next time –

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HA HA WHAT AM I DOING? | #CampNaNoWriMo 2017

Posted 4 April, 2017 by katheryn13 in Fun, Kat's Writing / 0 Comments

April 4th 2017
Remember my last blog about me writing fantasy? LOLOLOLOLOL.

So I’m not now. I mean, the idea has been put aside. Maybe one day I’ll write a fantasy, but right now I’m sticking to something I can handle. And an idea that is a bit more shaped out, if that makes sense. 
Typically I decided on a new idea for camp nano on the first day. Great timing! It’s a YA version of the Adult contemporary I was writing, about a book club. Though hopefully it’s less depressing. 
So far I’m on chapter 3, and I’m enjoying it, though it’s really hard for me to get into the headspace/voice of a teen because I wasn’t a typical teen. In fact, I think I’ve probably said this before, but I’m more of a teen NOW at 30, than I was in my actual teens? If that’s a thing, make me mayor!

So yeah, it’s hard.
I don’t know the real lingo, or what even kinds of thoughts/emotions go through teens heads, because let’s just say when I was a teen all I cared about was tv, cinema and just getting by. Boys weren’t even a thing (still aren’t…), make up wasn’t even on my mind, and school was a thing that I wanted out of the way ASAP. I understand about bullying and such, since that happened to me, but beyond that… yeah. So instead of going off PERSONAL experiences this time, I’m just making shit up and well, THAT I can do. 😀

I was at 3300 words, but after I cut out a bit because it didn’t fit just yet (I didn’t delete, I just put it to one side) I’m now at 3498 words because I wrote a load to replace it. Weird. I thought it’d be less. I’m trying to kill off the inner-editor I have telling me to write properly. I’m TRYING to write write write and not worry about if it’s shit. Seriously, do you have ANY IDEA HOW DIFFICULT THAT IS? Sigh.

If I manage to do updates more often, perhaps it’ll make me write more? A GIRL CAN DREAM! At the same time I’m also editing my magic story, so that’s still going strong. I did lose quite a lot of words, however, in one of the edits. *CRIES*. But I’m still at 50k. *WINNING!* haha.
See you all next week with another update. WISH ME LUCK! WOOOOOT!
If you’re taking part in Camp Nano this month, let me know. 🙂 


p.s. annoying that the best gifs are of male actors >_< lol
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Name Game | Writing Fantasy + GIFS

Posted 24 March, 2017 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Fantasy, Kat's Writing, Updates / 1 Comment

Yeah, so my last post was a  little…intense. I know. I’m sorry.
So I want to write fantasy. HOW? How does one even DO that? I mean, so many writer’s manage it, but how do I? That is what I’m asking!

I have an idea, a slight one, and not at all fully formed, but it’s there, poking its head around the corner like an over-excited child at Christmas. I’ve even drawn a somewhat ugly looking map…only because I kind of had to. And let me tell you…one of the islands looks SO wrong. *giggles*
Yesterday I struggled to think up a new idea that didn’t sound like parodies of other books I’ve read, but suddenly in the middle of the night, something sprang to life, the first lines appeared in my head. I refused to get up and write them down ,so alas I forgot them, BUT the kind of…feel? of the story didn’t leave me. So here I am, telling you about what I’m thinking of doing. I’m obviously not going to tell you the PLOT or whatever, because well…I haven’t got one. YET. I like that word, you know. ‘Yet’ is such hopeful sound.

Ironically that’s what I’ve called one of the islands. ‘Hope’. LOL (imagine calling an island LOL though…wouldn’t that be LAUGH OUT LOUD worthy?) Anyway. So far I have a main character – Marissa Emblem. She’s 17 and she’s feisty. But disorientated because she’s found herself on the deck of a ship with a crowd of men around her, all waiting to see what’ll happen next. I’m interested to see how she got there. I mean, seriously…my brain is like “HOW???” 
Then we have a friend – and he’s not really a love interest (yet?) because in my mind he’s a few years younger, though very very polite, and helpful, but not at all her type. Haha. 
I was originally going to have it in real places, like Scotland or something, but then I realised I can’t be bothered to stare at google maps until my eyes bleed, so I figured why not make up a world? Or something close to? How hard can it be?

Says she. 
Coming up with names for places is like…well difficult. Even with place names generator websites, which by the way come up with names ALREADY EXISTING! I just think “what sounds weird?” 

Anyway, I feel like this could be the start of a brand new series of blog posts. No, not really. I’m getting ahead of myself as usual. I just wanted to update you all. I mean, this shit takes TIME, ya know? I might be over it in a week, or I might be 10k in and loving it. Time will tell. I only have 3 pages so far.
Sigh. Hope you’re all well. I’m feeling grand. Sort of. Hehe.
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Did I do it? | My Writing Journey

Posted 15 March, 2017 by katheryn13 in Kat's Writing, Updates / 3 Comments



Hi again! Remember me?
Yeah you do, you little monkeys! 
Guess what? 
Guessed yet? 
I finished my first draft of my ‘peach street’ magic story. Yeah okay don’t get too excited. I might have gotten to the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s finished. Obviously. I wrote ‘the end’ but it didn’t really feel like the right ending. I won’t know what my true ending will be until I’ve edited because, 
a) I need to change the POV to first person
b) I have A LOT of holes to fill
c) I gotta extend a lot of chapters because the pacing is ridonkulous!
Last week I told you I got to 40k, well about 3k after that I decided to just wrap it up. I’m NOW, thanks to a lot of padding out chapters 1 & 2, at just over 46k and I’m hoping to get to 50k somewhere in the middle. It’s one of those stories where I am seriously gonna get shit for lack of world building, but to me this is less ‘fantasy’ and maybe more magic realism? I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but my world isn’t exactly fake. It’s based on real places in the UK BUT kind of…I dunno…made up? I dunno. The street ‘peach street’ is, as a lot of my stories are, based on the street my nan’s house was (it’s sold now so I feel weird). But yeah. 
I’m now editing chapter 3, and I’ve realised a problem. Because I extended chapter 2, you know, a lot – It’s basically a new chapter on its own. – I now have chapter 3…and it makes no sense time-line wise and so I now either have to change ALL OF IT  or add a new chapter to go between. Which seems more likely. Though what happens in chapter 3 I still want to happen, I kinda thought it’d be cooler to have it happen somewhere else? Like the school, rather than Dominic (the male guy that I love so much) house. Because who doesn’t love a good ole showdown in public where regular folks might come across it? Yeah. HAHA
In any case, I’ve gotta sort something out soon. I know I said I was going to do Camp Nano, and I am, but I think instead of 20k as my goal, I’m gonna just put 10k because it’s literally just me editing and trying to get my word goal up to at least 60k. I think. Basically whatever I get to when I get to the last chapter. Jeez. How can people say ‘editing is the best part’? It’s so not. For me, at least. It’s tedious. I think it doesn’t help that I’ve not done it exactly…logically. I don’t over write (I wish I could) and the pacing was so fast, everything happened like one after the other with no…y’know…getting to know the characters (and I still don’t know how to do that. I just don’t understand how to do that sort of thing. I need help) that I had so many plot holes and whatnot. I feel like I’ve done it all backwards. Sigh.
Maybe once I figure out what my story IS, overall, I’ll feel better? I sure hope so. I mean, in my head I know roughly what happens, but like with most things, I can never find the right words. 
God. Writing a book is HARD!
Until next time, folks. 
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WHUT R WERDS? | My Writing Journey PART 7?

Posted 8 March, 2017 by katheryn13 in Kat's Writing, Updates / 4 Comments

I don’t even know what part it is anymore

So hi! Long time no chit chat, right? Did you miss meh? I did write a post weeks ago, but unfortunately it was a rather depressing mess. So here I am!
You can probably guess that now I have realised the errors of my ways and become a whole new person? 
The truth is, I got to the end of Lost and now I’m like what do I do now? I’M LOST! AHAHAHA GET IT?
I haven’t given up on my contemporary, by the way, but I have put it aside. It was, in a word or two, boring me. So what am I writing? Glad you asked.
That was a joke. Laugh, dammit!
I’m finishing my magic story I did. I got to 40k recently (again) on both stories, funnily enough, but I missed Dominic and Jane. I’m ALSO (apparently a glutton for punishment) changing it from 3rd person to 1st person. BECAUSE I LIKE TO HURT MYSELF. and because it works better this way.
Almost at the end of the story, though, so that’s something. I think once I finish, then go over and fill out bits, then it’ll HOPEFULLY be about 50k. Which is what my end goal is. 
So basically I shall update you next time I get to 45k cos y’know woah woah I’m excited. OHcrap I turned on  Grammerly and now it won’t stop underlining every goddamn word I Write. also my capslock button is a bit broken. Sigh. 


Love you all. bye xx
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drama days | My Writing Journey PART 5

Posted 9 February, 2017 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Kat's Writing, Updates / 0 Comments


I hate me right now.
What a killer first line, eh? Have I got you hooked? Shame it’s not for a story. It’s just how I’m feeling.
I had a video planned for this weeks blog/vlog/catalogue. Ha. I rhyme. Anyway, the video turned out to be a shitty idea. I mean, I filmed it, edited, but just…meh. I’m going through a stage of thinking everything is crap and I should give up.
I mean, there’s new bookish drama going on twitter THAT I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH (on the author’s side) and it’s making me so MAD because everyone jumps to the foregone conclusion that THEY ARE RIGHT AND EVERYONE WHO THINKS DIFFERENTLY IS WRONG AND SHOULD DIE IN A FIRE.
I don’t think that. I think if people want to think opposite to me, good for them, I’ll see them in court.
As I was sort of coming around to, this new drama has got me thinking about whether I should even bother writing? I love writing, I want to publish one day, but the way people are behaving, anything I write won’t be considered “accurate” or “represented 100% correctly” like can you fuck off and grow an imagination?
Sorry, I’m getting antsy again. *brushes ants off shoulder* shoo!
So as for my story, my humungous waste of time, I’m at 33? thousand words now. I think. I don’t know. I haven’t written in a couple of days due to a complete lack of mood and feeling like shit, which you can hear all about in my new video going up today. Sigh. WHY
On a totally non-book related side note: why do people think that if you’re older than 20 you’re not allowed to have moody moments and be sad or have depressive thoughts? Like what because I’m not a “hormonal teen” that I’m not allowed to bE DOWN? I should be ‘past’ that? Excuse you, but SOME OF US didn’t even HAVE those hormones as a teen. (I legit didn’t really bc of health issues) so if I’m finally catching up now, that’s not my fault. It’s biology. And fuck biology, that’s what I say. Tomorrow I’m becoming a panda. goodbye world
*tomorrow comes* Wait…what
I’m still human?
I realised for my story that I’m writing WAY too many dramatic scenes – and i love drama, I really do, but man this shit is depressing!- so I need to add some funny moments. It’s not enough to just have the MC’s narrative be ‘amusing’, if I want this to a ‘rom-com’ then it needs COMEDIC MOMENTS, YA HEAR?
I’m so glad I have my blog to hear my woes, because god knows no where else wants to hear them. I made a video about shit that happened this week. I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea.
I apologise in advance.
Um…book news? Um…yeah I HOPE to get to 40k by next week? Who the fuck knows anymore?
Peace out
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