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Where Did The Time Go? | update

Posted 14 June, 2017 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Updates / 0 Comments

It’s been a while, it’s true. Nearly a whole month since my last post. Several things happened. I went to NY for a week. I went to BookCon. I vlogged…terribly. I tried to save the edited vlog…and it failed. Ten times. Jeez!
I also thought about my blog and the future of it (eck! future!) and realised for the amount of times I actually post on it, it’s not worth spending out nearly £100 every other year just for hosting/security/domain, that sort of thing, when it gets maybe 10 posts a year. Sigh.
Which is sad because it’s been my baby, something I created, since…well, 2013? Something like that. I know, not long in the grand scheme of things, but my youtube channel became more of a thing for me. To be honest it’s not like I get much interaction on EITHER platform, but for some reason on youtube I feel more involved, because when I see the views, I know people are watching. Whereas on here, I get maybe 10 views. Not to say I don’t appreciate them, because I made friends via this blog and it’d be a shame to waste that. And it’s my fault I don’t post much. But motivation is key and without that then these blog posts just read like me complaining about stuff, and while I could do that to my hearts content…I’m pretty sure it’s not entertaining. Sure, it’s MY blog, I can “do what I want” but no, I can’t. Because if I did that then I’d never get anywhere. Ha. Sigh. Sad sigh.
Whenever my hosting plan contract comes due I’m going to go over to the free WordPress and hope things go smoothly. I love this theme. Hell, I PAID for this theme. But who knows. Maybe I’ll keep the domain. If things don’t look up by next May (when I think my hosting plan ends) then…I’ll let you know what happens. 
At this point (sorry, diverting to BookCon again), I think it’s too late to really talk about my adventures. It’s been welllll over a week and my memory is hazy. I didn’t even vlog properly throughout. I started pretty well, but I rarely “checked in” over the weekend and the camera work is shoddy. Mostly due to my insecurity about vlogging in public. Kinda like “if I don’t make it obvious I’m filming and talking to a camera, maybe people won’t notice?” so I don’t keep it steady. WHAT AN IDIOT. Anyway, It’s all practice, I suppose. Maybe vlogging publicly isn’t my thing. 
I know a couple of you asked me to vlog, and I did, but I don’t know if or when or ever the material will reach the light of day. Besides, 90% of the vlogs are via instagram stories. If you saw those, then you already know what I got up to. If you didn’t…I’ll try and post pictures soon if you want me to.
Lotsa love. 
Kat xx
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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious | Music Post

Posted 20 May, 2017 by katheryn13 in Blog Talks, Music / 5 Comments


Don’t worry. I haven’t gone mad. It’s just something to say when you don’t know WHAT to say, amirite?
I have been SUPER CALIFRAGILISTICLY behind on blogging – see what I did there? – and I’m both feeling guilty and even more lost as to know what to blog about. I haven’t been reading new books lately since I’m STILL rereading the Shadowhunter books (I’m on City of Heavenly Fire! So close!) and I’m almost desperate to get to new books, because they’re staring at me. Giving me evil looks like I’ve betrayed them. I’M SORRY, OKAY?
And I’m going to go off topic AGAIN because this post is not just about me making excuses (which are really valid but still..). Today I feel like talking to you about something completely UNBOOKISH related – yah because I don’t spend ALL my time thinking about books…(almost). I also love…music. Yep. As well as TV shows, I also love to listen to music. I mean, who doesn’t? But I think without music my life would be SOUL DESTROYING!
This past…I guess month, I wanna say, I’ve come across a few new singers on youtube. I mean, I think I’d heard of them in passing before but only recently did I bother to watch their videos, listen to their songs, etc. I like them so much I even decided to support a couple of them on Patreon (yes I am skint and yes I know I shouldn’t because it’s money but shh okay). If you don’t know what Patreon is…well that’s another story. I would so go into having my own account but I’m not anywhere near as successful enough for anyone to want to support me that way. I’m not even being self-pitying when I say that. It’s a matter of fact.
Any who. Jeez I divert so much, don’t I? What new singers am I talking about you may be asking… well.
Dodie Clark
Emma Blackery (link goes to her Vloggery channel, but she also has a VEVO and a main channel. So complex. lol)
Tessa Violet
I have this overwhelming respect and admiration for ANYONE who can write their own songs, sing and have it sound really good. I mean, take Taylor Swift for instance (please don’t shoot me down in flames) she doesn’t have the GREATEST voice on the planet, but she has FUCKING STAND UP SKILLS at writing lyrics that just catch in your head and never LEAVES! I SWEAR TO GOD! lol
I’ve been lurking Dodie’s channel for her original songs – It’s odd but I prefer the songs she does there than the ones she releases on her EP… – and I just can’t get some of them out of my brain. ‘Would You Be So Kind‘ is one I discovered yesterday and I LOVE IT. Also there’s a live version of ‘When‘ on her EP that I adore so much. I can kind of relate a little to it which is probably why it makes me sad to hear it but also I just sing along whenever it tickles my brain, yknow?
Emma Blackery’s songs are KILLER and ‘Nothing Without You‘ – which is a recent single she released (you can find it on Spotify, and…other places) – is basically a song I listened to 20 times straight one day shortly after finding it and I found myself singing it to myself at night, or really…any time.  I’m waiting for her new EP to be released. I’ll admit I’m not too fond of her older stuff, and her new song ‘Magnetised‘ isn’t to my taste, but ‘Sucks To Be You‘  (from her last EP) just gets me every time and I look forward to some new stuff. 🙂
Tessa Violet has a soft, gentle voice, and one where at first I was like “meh she’s not that good.” but really, a few listens in and I realised though her voice is soft, it’s unique, and her lyrics are quite deep. Now I just love her. I love her duets with Dodie, too, which are some of my favourite videos ever! Tessa also hasn’t released anything new in a while, EP wise, but on her last one there’s a song called ‘Haze‘ and at first I was like “this is weird…” but now I cannot stop singing it to myself, or playing it and being all haunting as I sing along. (can you tell I love to sing? yeah) 
This isn’t a sponsored plug post by the way. I have no doubt neither of these lovely girls know I exist (though I did tag Emma in a tweet once about how I couldn’t stop listening to her music and had no regrets! and she liked it 😀 ) but still I feel like if I’m enjoying their stuff, I should do what I can to promote them, right?
Besides them, I’ve also found some killer tunes released by some of my fave artists:
Bad Liar by Selena Gomez – at first I wasn’t keen but now I just have it spinning around and around and I’m tryin i’m tryin i’m tryin so hard no to keep singing it…
Malibu by Miley Cyrus – I won’t lie, I’m ECSTATIC that she’s back with new music (and music I can tolerate) and I hope to God her next album is more to my taste. If not, well, I’ll be content with a couple of songs at least.
No Promises by Cheat Codes ft Demi Lovato – The very few dance songs I listen to all have a theme: they feature an artist I loooove. So yeah this song is just so catchy, and thankfully not too…overly full of noise that it ruins the beat. 
It Ain’t Me by Kygo ft Selena Gomez – much like the song above, I really only listened to this because of Selena, and at first the overly repetitive chorus nonsense drove me insane, but after a few listens I got used to it and now I love it.
Attention by Charlie Puth – good lord this boy can sing and oh my god I can’t stop singing this song! It’s subtle, and if I wasn’t the kind of person to appreciate a good melody then I probably wouldn’t notice. But it hooks under your skin, for sure.
There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes – THIS SONG IS A VIRUS AND IT WILL RUIN YOU FOR OTHER MUSIC I’M NOT EVEN JOKING. lol I of course mean that in the best possible sense. It’s fast tempo’d, catchy, fun and I am so excited for a new album from this lovely guy!
So that’s it. Well, for now.  There are other songs I could mention but I fear if I keep going this post will be a hundred miles long. I hope I’ve enlightened you into some new music. Granted it’s all POP but there are different types of pop for everyone. I’ve hyperlinked the Youtubers so, if you want, you can go visit their channels and see for yourself. 
I go away in a week (A WEEK?!?!!?) and so I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get done before then, but I want to GET BACK INTO THIS SHIZZLE because I feel like the longer I stay away, the worse it gets in terms of knowing what to put. As I said at the beginning. 
Fair well my friends. 


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a few minutes to waste | update

Posted 11 May, 2017 by katheryn13 in Updates / 0 Comments


I have four minutes before I’m to start my nightly word count thingy and so far it’s my third night and I’ve done pretty well. I try to aim for 1k at 7.30pm each day. I missed yesterday because I was out.
Which you probably know, but I’ll tell you anyway: I started getting therapy.
Wahay go me!
I’ve only had 2 sessions so far but it’s going okay, and she’s really easy to talk to. I’ll be honest, I was worried I wouldn’t like it, that I’d sit there uncomfortable and not say a word. But actually, I’ve ended up saying too much, I think.
It’s amazing what comes out of my mouth when I let it. Haha. 
Besides that little update, I’ve also been rereading all the Shadowhunter books so that’s why I’ve not finished anything new lately. I’m frantically trying to get them finished for Lord of Shadows release.
Okay 1 minute left, I better go write. See ya later. 
-Kat xx
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Whoops | #CampNanowrimo ’17

Posted 19 April, 2017 by katheryn13 in Fantasy, Kat's Writing, Supernatural, Updates, YA / 0 Comments




Oh crap. It’s been a lot longer than a week since my last update, hasn’t it? *shakes head* Sorry.
Anyway, how’s Camp Nanowrimo 17 going? Well….um…..
I started a new idea. *cringes* Don’t hate me. I can’t help myself! It’s a problem. But in any case, I actually somewhat outlined this new idea so I have Act 1 and Act 2 all laid out ready to write up – I’ve written chapter 1 already and it’s going good. I have…hmmm….2000 words? Yeah. About that.
I want to talk about the story but I also don’t want to spoil OR jinx it. Haha. 
Just know that I kind of describe it as Supernatural meets Buffy. LOL okay. 
Until next time –

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HA HA WHAT AM I DOING? | #CampNaNoWriMo 2017

Posted 4 April, 2017 by katheryn13 in Fun, Kat's Writing / 0 Comments

April 4th 2017
Remember my last blog about me writing fantasy? LOLOLOLOLOL.

So I’m not now. I mean, the idea has been put aside. Maybe one day I’ll write a fantasy, but right now I’m sticking to something I can handle. And an idea that is a bit more shaped out, if that makes sense. 
Typically I decided on a new idea for camp nano on the first day. Great timing! It’s a YA version of the Adult contemporary I was writing, about a book club. Though hopefully it’s less depressing. 
So far I’m on chapter 3, and I’m enjoying it, though it’s really hard for me to get into the headspace/voice of a teen because I wasn’t a typical teen. In fact, I think I’ve probably said this before, but I’m more of a teen NOW at 30, than I was in my actual teens? If that’s a thing, make me mayor!

So yeah, it’s hard.
I don’t know the real lingo, or what even kinds of thoughts/emotions go through teens heads, because let’s just say when I was a teen all I cared about was tv, cinema and just getting by. Boys weren’t even a thing (still aren’t…), make up wasn’t even on my mind, and school was a thing that I wanted out of the way ASAP. I understand about bullying and such, since that happened to me, but beyond that… yeah. So instead of going off PERSONAL experiences this time, I’m just making shit up and well, THAT I can do. 😀

I was at 3300 words, but after I cut out a bit because it didn’t fit just yet (I didn’t delete, I just put it to one side) I’m now at 3498 words because I wrote a load to replace it. Weird. I thought it’d be less. I’m trying to kill off the inner-editor I have telling me to write properly. I’m TRYING to write write write and not worry about if it’s shit. Seriously, do you have ANY IDEA HOW DIFFICULT THAT IS? Sigh.

If I manage to do updates more often, perhaps it’ll make me write more? A GIRL CAN DREAM! At the same time I’m also editing my magic story, so that’s still going strong. I did lose quite a lot of words, however, in one of the edits. *CRIES*. But I’m still at 50k. *WINNING!* haha.
See you all next week with another update. WISH ME LUCK! WOOOOOT!
If you’re taking part in Camp Nano this month, let me know. 🙂 


p.s. annoying that the best gifs are of male actors >_< lol
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